Welcome to Markkulan Marjatila berry farm! Our farm is located in the village of Isojärvi in Multia in Central Finland. Currants and strawberries have been farmed on this farm for more than twenty years. The exceptional quality, fresh flavour and health benefits of our berries are very important to us. We produce strawberries and blackcurrants to be enjoyed fresh in the middle of summer and eaten from the freezer throughout winter. We also produce mulled wine from our own berries.

The fields of Markkulan Marjatila are located in the middle of pristine nature, far away from heavy
traffic and busy highways. The farm’s sunny sloped fields and soil that is perfect for berries ensure an excellent start for our delicious products packed with vitamins. We believe that berries are a real Finnish superfood. Healthy and delicious!


markkulan marjatilamulled wine

Concentrate 0.5 l.
Ingredients: Finnish blackcurrant juice, spice mixture (water, cinnamon, cardamom, bitter orange peel, ginger, clove), sugar (26 g / 100 g), preservative E211.
Mixing instructions: 1 part mulled wine, 1 part water. Heat (do not boil) and allow to simmer in a pot on the hob for approximately 15 minutes before serving. You can make rich alcoholic mulled wine by mixing one part mulled wine concentrate and one part red wine.
Storage: Unopened at room temperature. Refrigerate once opened.

Markkulan Marjatila’s glögi, or Finnish mulled wine, is a true favourite among our customers, and it has been a hit with mulled wine connoisseurs throughout Finland since 2005. We produce the mulled wine from our own blackcurrants by cold pressing. We only use genuine, real spices for our mulled wine.

Mulled wine reviews: ”Best mulled wine for Christmas.” ”Our family’s favourite!” ”I have told everyone about Markkulan Marjatila’s mulled wine. It is the best mulled wine in Finland.”

  • It’s filled with berry flavour and it’s not too sweet.
  • It has just the right amount of spices.
  • In a league of its own! I cannot even begin to compare it to others.


Remember to relax! Holiday cabins for rent in central Finland for some cosy downtime. The three
new holiday cabins on the Markkulan Marjatila estate invite you to spend time in Multia in Central Finland. Villa Akuliina, Villa Kukkula and Villa Kantri offer a quality backdrop for your holiday on the shores of the clear waters of Lake Isojärvi in a genuine rural setting. Our cabins on the lakeshore are cosy holiday villas fully equipped for 6–8 people. They can be used throughout the year. You can sleep late, laze about on the jetty, hike in the forest and bathe in the sauna to your heart’s content. All you need to do is enjoy the sound of birds singing and waves gently lapping.

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The peak season starts in mid-June and ends around mid-August. The other peak time is around the New Year. During other times the price varies, so you should ask for up-to-date quotes via e-mail info@huvilaranta.fi. During peak season, reservations are made for full weeks. Check the reservation schedule on our website at https://huvilaranta.fi/en/villas/.

Book via e-mail: info@huvilaranta.fi

VILLA KUKKULA 8 Pers., 129 m2 (4 rooms + farmhouse kitchen)

Villa Kukkula, a holiday cabin in Central Finland, is located on a beautiful rocky plot with steps to the shore. The shore is a sandy beach where you can build sandcastles, for example. The partially glazed terrace of Villa Kukkula is ideal for admiring the lake view and the soft, mossy forest. The comfortable villa has two floors. No pets allowed.

VILLA KANTRI 6 + 2 Pers., 134,5 m2 (3 rooms + farmhouse kitchen)

Beds for six, sofa-bed for two. Villa Kantri is a spacious, accessible holiday cabin with a terrace
overlooking the lake. The plot has a shallow sandy beach in a secluded cove, which is accessible by wheelchair or pram, for example. The cabin accommodates those with physical handicaps, as there are ramps leading indoors both in the front and back garden. The bathroom is wheelchair accessible. Pets allowed.

VILLA AKULIINA 8 Pers., 107 m2 (4 rooms + farmhouse kitchen) + lakeside sauna 25 m2

Villa Akuliina, a holiday cabin in central Finland, is located on a beautiful plot with rock walls facing the afternoon sun. The separate lakeside sauna is located close to the shallow sandy beach at Villa Akuliina. The disc golf course is only some 100 metres away. You have free use of the row boat. Pets allowed.